Why Use Atiim?

Here are the Problems And How We Solve Them

You’ll gain a competitive advantage by making managers more effective

Problem: The old, outdated approaches to management and HR drain your company’s time and money. New competitors arise daily in the age of information and fast movement – in order to gain an edge over those who threaten to seize your customers and talent, you must take the most modernized and progressive management approach available.

Solution: We offer modernized and efficient management approaches, encompassing practices such as agile process ideology and OKRs combined in easy-to-use yet powerful software. Atiim will create a new culture in your company – a culture of effectiveness, inspiration, and transparency. Our product is designed to help your company win BIG.

You don’t always have time to personally manage everyone on your team

Problem: The meetings you hold with your team take up a lot of time – time that you could otherwise be spending more productively.

Solution: Atiim saves you time by integrating a good portion of your management tasks into a single web-based interface. It creates a space of clarity and trust in which your employees can communicate their problems and ideas – and most importantly, be heard. You can also easily access each person’s progress and priorities in one visible place – so you can spend less time on meetings, and devote more time to strategic thinking.

You won’t need to rely on email or instant messaging to manage your people

Problem: The email inbox is already inundated – from promo offers to super-critical emails from executives – so sifting through and reading emails can take hours. Using email to collect valuable feedback and consistent updates is a weak strategy for managing teams effectively, as both emails and instant messages can become easily lost or go unnoticed.

Solution: What you really need is a progressive, cloud-based software that embraces management of objectives, measureable key results, and personalized employee feedback, all in one place – no more lost emails, and no more confusion.

You need a culture of clarity to inspire loyalty and high performance

Problem: One of the main reasons behind dwindling employee morale is lack of clarity. When alignment is disrupted and teams are out of sync, top management ideas are miscommunicated, priorities become mixed up, and personal achievements go unnoticed. As a result, employee performance and engagement drop dramatically – to a level where employees who were once passionate about their work become tuned-out, distracted, and detached.

Solution: Atiim creates a culture of clarity – when an employee logs into our platform, he sees a full picture of company priorities and goals. There’s no guessing about what’s being done in another department or how specific tasks complement company-level goals. At the same time, management clearly witnesses – and thus rewards – employee achievements. This uninhibited clarity and transparency unleashes employee engagement for performance levels that exceed expectations.

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