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Use Case: Organizational Goals Management


What Is Enterprise Goals Management?

Enterprise Goals Management is a process by which you align your company goals with employee goals to focus all efforts on the same key priorities throughout the entire organization. It helps every manager (from executive managers to middle managers and first-line managers) manage their teams and the performance of their people by aligning and focusing everyone on measurable outcomes (i.e. results) rather than on micromanaging people’s day-to-day activities. Using a modern “agile goal-setting” process (like OKRs), the world’s top performing companies connect everyone within their organizations to what matters most, inform all individuals about what is important, establish accurate KPIs for measuring progress, and create a clear alignment internally which drives better performance and results.


Benefits of Enterprise Goals Management:

Organizations whose employees review and update their objectives on a regular basis are 50% more likely to score in the top quartile of business performance (but, unfortunately, only 9% do it). (Bersin)

Organizations that make it easy for employees to set clear goals are 3.5x more likely to score in the top quartile. (Bersin)

Individuals are 42% more likely to achieve their goals by writing them down, and there’s a 78% increase in achievement when sharing weekly progress transparently (Dominican University)


Business Challenges You Face:

Lack of clarity for most of the organization about the company’s top prioritiesImprove the company-wide communication of your company’s top objectives across the organization, create widespread clarity and understanding of what matters, and allow every manager at each level to create clarity for their own group
Most employees (except for the CEO and the executive team) have no visibility into the company’s objectivesEasily inform everyone of what is important to your company on an ongoing basis
The company goals are not linked with the employee’s individual goalsAlign company goals with employee goals quickly and track them regularly (see the “red, yellow and green” indicators in real-time dashboard)
Time is wasted inefficiently trying to use Excel or PowerPoint (or even Google docs) to track OKR goals for your departments, groups, and individual employees but it’s cumbersome, time consuming, and thus very costlyMinimize wasted efforts, wasted time from lack of focus, and misdirection of effort and resources by aligning everyone at the company to work in sync and move in the same direction
A CEO, executives or managers see lots of numbers in Excel spreadsheets but don’t know what to do in order to improve resultsConnect metrics to your people through goals and regular Pulse check-ins thus allowing you to know how to manage people effectively on achieving the intended business results
Your current goal-setting process is not working, is too time-consuming, tedious and cumbersome – it takes your executives and employees away from their work and doesn’t really help move the needleSet, track and manage your goal-setting process quickly and easily and in a way that produces real, tangible results
Your employees don’t have consistent or frequent visibility into your company’s top objectivesClear and regular visibility of all the objectives from top-down, to bottom-up and cross-functionally too
It is difficult to track and measure whether your teams and employees are actually achieving goalsBring clear measurement and progress tracking (not the cumbersome activity tracking) to your teams
You don’t have consistent, established indicators to measure progress and you lack the real-time insight into your company’s regular progress towards its key objectivesEstablish clear KPIs for measuring progress at the top of the company, at every department and team level and for every individual –  help everyone track and achieve their objectives
Your company and teams are doing traditional annual goal-setting yet everything is changing too fast – i.e. they are not using “Agile Goal-setting” (like OKRs)Perform true Agile Goal-Setting using Atiim and the OKR approach which helps you perform ongoing, regular check-ins and make any necessary updates to help you grow effectively
There is no clear accountability or line of sight into why intended results are not achieved regularlyCreate accountability and transparency at your organization
The company’s first-line and middle managers are not as effective in achieving results through their teams as the CEO and the executive team want them to beMake all of the managers (at every level of your company) much more effective at their job
Your CEO and executive team can’t clearly understand who is a high performer overachieving their results and who needs more coachingClearly show who is achieving objectives with performance data in real-time shown via analytical dashboards.
Your employees don’t have clear, transparent visibility into their peer’s’ objectives and results which inhibits a high level of collaboration and teamwork. Because goals between departments and teams are not in alignment, people don’t know what your “Shared Goals” are, and some experience challenges working in sync with each other without any conflictHelp everyone clearly see departmental and team “Shared Goals” as well as their peer’s’ individual and aligned objectives in real-time; have the ability to praise and cheer other’s progress as well as to comment on each other’s goal-achievement and progress
Your employee’s’ performance and your business results are suffering due to misalignmentImprove performance and drive better results at your company and across your groups and teams

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