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Use Case: Organizational Alignment


What Is Organizational Alignment?

Alignment enables your company to achieve a far higher level of performance because the contributions of your people, resources, planning, and processes are focused on driving measurable objectives. You’re thus minimizing wasted effort, wasted time from not focusing on the right things, misdirection of effort, and misallocation of resources because everyone is working in sync towards that truly matters to your company. Alignment will increase everyone’s performance and your company’s results – whereas misalignment is typically one of the top causes that companies fail.


Business Challenges You Face

  • Most of your company’s employees don’t clearly understand its goals or strategy (in fact according to Harvard research, 95% of employees don’t know it) – most employees don’t know and can’t restate the top few critical priorities that the CEO and the company are trying to achieve
  • There is misalignment between what the CEO needs achieved and what everyone is working on
  • The CEO and the executive team are the only ones who understand the priorities, but there is a lot of misalignment throughout the rest of the organization
  • The original objectives set by the CEO and communicated to the executives start to mutate as they are passed down the org. chart through layers of management, losing clarity and coherence at every level
  • Your employees do not feel connected to the company’s mission or top priorities because they don’t know them or don’t understand them
  • Your employees are unable to see how their individual work relates to the overall company’s priorities
  • Your strategic plan is too time-consuming or too complicated, and most of your employees do not even take the time to read it and don’t feel connected to it
  • Your company is growing rapidly, and keeping everyone on the same page and focused is very difficult



  • Focus everyone’s effort on the same important objectives
  • Continuously ensure that everyone’s efforts are aligned to what matters most to the business
  • Align everyone’s work toward the most important measurable objectives that the CEO and the executive team need to achieve; allow everyone to focus on progress and attainment rather than activities and tasks
  • Create clarity of the top priorities to avoid wasted time and effort from misalignment
  • Ensure your employees feel connected to the company’s mission and top priorities, and ensure that they know what is expected of them to help the company achieve those priorities
  • Help all teams and individuals understand how their work relates to the overall company’s priorities
  • Increase employee engagement across your company as a result of the clarity and understanding of the top priorities, as well as the ability to stay connected to the company’s mission

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