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An industry-first, innovative and groundbreaking unified 2-in-1 SaaS platform which is a single product that integrates both Enterprise OKR Goals Management & Ongoing Performance Management Check-Ins with Closed-Loop Feedback.

OKR Goal Management Software

#1 for OKR Goals & Ongoing Performance Management

Atiim invented these 5 innovative and groundbreaking technologies which are industry-firsts innovations for OKR Goals Management:

Atiim OKR software design

OKR goal management dashboard

Smart Goals Dashboards ™

align goals

Clear Align ™

set right goal hierarchy

True Goal Hierarchy ™

get fast insights about your goals

Sure Insights ™

monitor OKR goal achievement

Quick Pulse ™

Set Clear Goals And Hit ThemClear Align ™ – Easily Cascade and Align Any Goals

Align everyone to your top corporate priorities to focus everyone on what really matters. In a Bersin Associates survey, only 29% of organizations created goals for employees which were aligned to the organization’s goals. And in a study by LPR, 40%+ of high performing companies were the ones that had majority of their goals aligned in the organization. Yet this is not easy to do because 85% of respondents in a Quantum Market Research management survey said that linking individual goals to business goals was very challenging. Atiim makes goal alignment easy.

  • Easily set OKR goals enterprise-wide
  • Focus the organization on what really matters
  • Align and connect everyone to the top company goals

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Smart Goals DashboardsSmart Goals Dashboards ™

Get visibility into all of the team’s and individuals’ objectives. Create transparency in your organization which you need to make sound decisions and which your employees need to trust the management of the company.

  • Track objectives everyone is working on
  • Get visibility into everyone’s progress
  • Know what everyone is working on and why
  • Identify your top performers and also rising stars
  • Uncover performance hotspots

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Understand What’s Going On In The OrganizationSure Insights ™

Get data-driven insights to make effective decisions. Know the insights on the progress of top or all organizational goals, business unit goals or team goals as well as time-based trajectory of goal achievement.

  • Insights on the objectives everyone is working on
  • Identify your top performers and also rising stars
  • Uncover performance hotspots

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track progress okr softwareIncrease Performance

  • Instill a culture of meritocracy that rewards high performance
  • Focus on the top priorities and achieve goals faster
  • Quantify your team’s goal-achievement
  • Higher quality and more efficient work

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Align Everyone to top OKR GoalsVisibility Into the Org & Team Alignment

  • See the Org Chart & Goal Alignment Chart
  • Improve overall alignment
  • Visibility into how everyone’s effort aligns to top goals
  • Achieve a high level of team cross-alignment

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Cross-Alignment & Collaboration on GoalsCross-Alignment & Collaboration on Goals

  • Use the Collaborative Goals capability to improve teamwork and end silos
  • Cross-Align goals from anyone or any team to another
  • Allow team members to “Praise” or “Gently Nudge” others’ goal progress

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Advanced Reporting on OKRsAdvanced Reporting

  • Report on the progress of all OKR goals
  • Monitor the progress on all goals
  • Know goals “at risk” and which ones are on track
  • Be proactive and not reactive with clear reports

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Range Objectives - Minimum & MaximumRange Objectives – Minimum & Maximum

  • Unique feature that allows you to set “Ranges”
  • Set Maximum or Minimum thresholds
  • Know when you are above or below a goal

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OKR goals on mobile and tabletMobile Access: Anywhere, Any Device

    • Access from anywhere, any device
    • Check-in and update your goals on the go
    • Available for iPhones and Android phones


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Atiim OKR accessable on all devices

Atiim helps you, a manager and your team, improve your team’s productivity and effectiveness through much better alignment and engagement, while reducing the chaos to drive stellar results.

All in One Place. Access Anywhere. On any device.

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