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Pulse with Check-Ins and 2-Way Feedback: Get a regular weekly pulse of your company and your teams with ongoing, continuous 2-way, closed-loop feedback. Help your managers drive performance and align with their teams.

Atiim Pulse is for 1-on-1 Ongoing Performance Management – it combines lite check-ins with continuous, ongoing, real-time 2-way closed-loop feedback and helps improve alignment, communication and transparency for managers and their teams.

Atiim Pulse enables managers and employees to have a regular structured conversation about the progress towards measurable goals or Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as well as blockers and bottlenecks, and also personal, career and developmental goals. Atiim Pulse combines the simplicity of online closed-loop feedback reports, real-time status and update reports with automated analytics, and the confidential and anonymous NPS-type survey which help capture the sentiment of your employees (like an Employee Satisfaction Index) to spark productive conversations between managers and employees that turn regular performance conversations and insights into higher performance and progress for the entire company. Atiim OKR software

Atiim Pulse allows managers to ask their employees a number qualitative questions that help add context, clarity and greater depth to complement the progress updates that employees provide on their OKR Goals metrics. This product also encourages reliable and constructive closed-loop feedback that improves team performance and drives your team’s and company’s success.

Today employees want to work for managers who develop their skills, set clear direction with objectives, provide frequent feedback to the employees on progress (and don’t wait till the end of the year to do so), help employees overcome obstacles and bottlenecks, and recognize people’s achievements and contributions at work. Employees also want to work for companies that offer such performance management best practices and also focus on helping the employees grow in their careers.

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Know What’s Going On In The Organization

Get visibility into all of the team’s work and objectives. Create transparency in your organization which you need to make sound decisions and which your employees need to trust the management of the company.

  • Get an informative, focused, and actionable weekly report
  • Ensure everyone is aligned to the top company goals
  • Know everyone’s achievements and results
  • Be aware of the bottlenecks early on
Know What’s Going On In The Organization

Increase Productivity & Performance of Your Teams

According to leading polls, 70% of employees are not engaged at work and 25% are unhappy at work, thus considerably less productive. And you don’t even know that until it’s too late. You can change that with Atiim’s weekly Agile Progress Report, a continuous feedback report that makes your managers much more effective by giving your employees a voice and allowing them to share their weekly progress towards their top objectives and lets them share their challenges and constraints so you can help them make progress.

  • Increase employee engagement through continuous weekly feedback
  • Make your managers much more effective
  • Help everyone focus on top priorities
  • Reduce the chaos and increase productivity
  • Save time!
Maximize Employee Engagement

Improve Alignment & Transparency Between Managers and Employees

Achieve team’s communication and make communication your company’s strength and competitive advantage. Take performance to new heights. Your managers and their teams will benefit greatly from a regular feedback loop.

  • Improve internal company communication
  • Create a closed loop feedback process
  • Know when someone is stuck and remove obstacles
  • Give your employees a voice
Improve Team Communication

Make Your Managers More Effective

  • Free up your managers to be more effective
  • Align your managers and their teams
  • Empower your people with meaningful feedback and coaching
  • Create a more engaging process to effectively manage teams
Help your managers be better

Empower Your People To Be Their Best

What is your company’s most important asset? Your people. Just look at your most recent P&L – where do you invest the most financially? And your people’s collective wisdom, experience and brainpower – these are the assets that make your organization work.

  • Reward and recognition for your team
  • Improve your employee relations
  • Increase your employee retention
  • Develop positive team culture
Empower Your People To Be Their Best

Intercept Problems Before They Snowball

  • Track potential issues and accelerate work on top priorities
  • Tackle employee problems before they become unmanageable
  • Boost efficiency by eliminating obstacles
Intercept Problems Before They Snowball

The Bottom Line

  • Improve communication between executives, managers and employees
  • Achieve the level of focus and clarity never thought possible
  • Happy employees = high customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Get a weekly rhythm combined with with operational excellence at your company
The Bottom Line

What everyone will get with Atiim Pulse:

CEO & Executives

  • Align everyone with company goals and track progress
  • Increase the ROI of investment in personnel
  • Be informed about everything happening in the company

HR Leaders

  • Increase employee engagement at your company
  • Implement the most effective performance management
  • Create an healthy culture and retain talent


  • Align your employees’ goals with your group and top company goals
  • Get and provide valuable two-way feedback
  • Boost team performance and engagement


  • Working in environment of clarity and appreciation
  • Have a voice – be sure that your opinion matters
  • Clearly see how individual and company goals are aligned

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Atiim helps managers and their teams to improve productivity and effectiveness through much better communication and engagement.

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