Atiim Offers Software for Employee Feedback and Team Morale Tracking to 100 Managers at Amazon

Atiim Offers its Innovative Employee Feedback Software to the First 100 Managers at Amazon who Need to Measure Team Happiness, Morale and Engagement

Cambridge, MA, October 30, 2015 Atiim Inc. (pronounced: “A-team”), an innovative provider of performance management SaaS, is offering its Employee Pulse, an on-demand two-way and closed-loop employee feedback software to the first 100 managers at Amazon who sign up for the product at This is a unique offer for Amazon executives and managers who wish to measure and improve their employee engagement, morale and happiness.  Measuring this in a dashboard (see the Atiim Pulse “employee happiness index”) will help Jeff Bezos and his Amazon executive team and managers become proactive in knowing when their team is happy and engaged at work, ensuring that the culture at Amazon is healthy and thriving.

This is the first time ever that Atiim has offered its software as a gift to Amazon in light of recent news from outlets such as The New York Times, including, “Inside Amazon” about the employee issues as Amazon, as well as Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) announcement, “Amazon wants to Know How Its Employees Feel Every Day”.  Atiim team wants to help and support one of its favorite global e-commerce leaders by offering 100 Amazon managers an opportunity to improve their team’s engagement, morale, communication, alignment and productivity. Each manager can have up to ten of their team members signed up through the software and they can access results instantly.

Forbes covered the explosive shift just a couple of weeks ago in its article, Employee Feedback is a New “Killer App,” and announced that a new market is emerging for regularly measuring the pulse of teams via technologies that collect timely employee feedback.  This major industry disruption is further evident through GE’s (NYSE:GE) recent announcement of its elimination of annual performance reviews on a global scale. GE will replace its outdated review system with software that collects regular employee feedback and pulses, because checking in on employees just once a year is not sufficient and simply no longer works for companies that want to be effective and maximize performance and results.

Atiim is the first-ever innovative software available which integrates customizable weekly employee feedback pulse questions with employee engagement metrics and anonymous employee morale score indexes in an all-in-one, unified product.  This is a frontrunner leading the major disruption in technology that aims to align executives and employees, and improve engagement, communication, and productivity via two-way feedback. With its industry-first, breakthrough innovation in software as a service (SaaS), Atiim offers its global customers to manage their teams more effectively.  Atiim also allows business executives, managers, and teams to use a two-way, closed-loop employee feedback tool, which is automated every week. Individuals receive automated reminders to complete their report, and the data they enter is presented in a clear and succinct format for each manager to review and respond to.

“We are looking to be the #1 leader in the new performance management space, and we are seeing major industry disruption that is beginning to happen today, as we saw with the Amazon story,” said Zorian Rotenberg, Founder and CEO of Atiim. “We want to assist Amazon by presenting them with this gift so that 100 of their global managers can benefit from our powerful yet simple-to-use Atiim software free-of-charge as a way to help improve their team’s productivity and job satisfaction. This will also help millions of Amazon customers around the world who enjoy doing business with Amazon regularly, just like we do here at Atiim.”

Teams at Amazon can now improve communication and alignment as well as boost employee engagement and work morale using Atiim technology. Atiim enables leaders at Amazon to intercept problems before they snowball by asking regular, automated weekly survey of employees, such as, “What bottlenecks or challenges are you facing that I can help with?” Both managers and their people can access current and past reports via the organized dashboard, and notifications are gathered and made available in one easy-to-access location at the top of the page.

About Atiim OKR Software

Atiim OKR Software develops innovative software as a service (SaaS) for performance management which includes OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) goals management, two-way employee feedback and employee engagement tracking. To address today’s challenges that organizations of all sizes face with setting clear goals and aligning teams as well as with improving performance and results, Atiim is pioneering a new market of Performance Acceleration. Atiim’s breakthrough SaaS product enables growing companies to maximize performance and business results – it is designed to be simple to use yet powerful and allows companies to manage and align OKR goals, measure regular progress and understand what’s happening with everyone on the team. It’s an industry-first innovative and integrated solution for setting business objectives, aligning teams to corporate goals, having regular two-way employee feedback, measuring employee engagement, and tracking people analytics. Learn more about Atiim OKR Software at

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