Atiim Reports Another Record Year With 265% Growth in Revenue in 2017

Another exceptional annual growth in sales and users highlights the surge in market demand for Atiim’s breakthrough technology


Boston, MA – January 10, 2018 – Atiim, (i.e. “A-Team”), the innovative global leader in enterprise goals and continuous performance management solutions for high-performance companies, continued to experience extraordinary growth in every area of its business in 2017.

Atiim is an innovative SaaS solution that is the first and only 3-in-1 unified and integrated platform for managing and aligning organizational Strategy with Goals-setting and Continuous Performance Management. Customers use Atiim OKR Software to set and track their business objectives across their organizations, align across all their teams, establish clear and measurable performance indicators, and manage the company in an analytical and data-driven manner. This rapid growth has been experienced primarily due to the company’s technological innovation with multiple breakthroughs and industry-firsts, and due to solving a big market problem that is experienced by mid-market organizations worldwide.

2017 Highlights (an exceptional hyper-growth year on many levels):

  • Total Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) grew by 265% in a single year.
  • Continuing growth in larger corporate customers – average deal size grew by over 95%.
  • Number of global customers jumped by 111% combined with a significant surge in registered users.
  • Recognition by strategic partners – over 170% jump in new strategic partners and consultants working with us.
  • 17 new annual records set company-wide in sales revenue, new deals, deal sizes, team members, and product innovations.
  • The company made multiple bold moves – a new market focus and major product innovation – these have really paid off across the board.
  • Atiim built the only innovative, truly comprehensive, and is the first and only 3-in-1 “Strategy – Objections – Continuous Performance Management” platform on the market. The product is one-of-a-kind because it is Simple and yet Powerful while also Affordable which is a unique combination seen only in Atiim.

“The exceptional sales and user growth we continue to achieve is a result of listening to our customers and solving a very big problem in the market,” said Zorian Rotenberg, Atiim’s President and CEO. “Our customers need to align their strategy to the execution and manage all of their people in a data-driven manner to achieve measurable results. The simplicity combined with the power of Atiim’s innovative platform is the driving force behind the substantial revenue growth we experienced for yet another year in 2017.”

These results reflect customer satisfaction with Atiim’s platform that goes beyond just connecting strategy to execution with a goal-driven continuous performance management. With its increasing momentum, Atiim has established itself as the clear SaaS leader and the only “simple, powerful, yet affordable” solution for the global Mid-Market (companies between 100-2,000 employees) which connects Strategy to Execution via Data-Driven Continuous Performance Management.

Highlights of Atiim’s progress include:

  • Innovation: Atiim was the first-ever to bring to market the innovative and ground-breaking next generation SaaS solution that unified and integrated 3-in-1 Strategy with business objectives (rooted in OKRs) and Continuous Performance Management, all in a single product.
  • Product Milestones: Atiim released over 77 new product features and updates in its ground-breaking and innovative platform.
  • Customers & Industries: Atiim grew its international customer base, drawing in customers from many different industries including: finance, medical services, distribution, manufacturing, building/construction, technology and non-profit too.
  • Awards / Honors: While named one of the Top Enterprise Goals Management technologies for enterprises in last year’s TalentCulture HR Technology Trends, Atiim also gained 5/5 rating from customers and users on leading software review sites.

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About Atiim OKR Software

Atiim is an innovative leader which transforms the way mid-market organizations align Strategy to Execution with Data-Driven Continuous Performance Management and empowers customers to revolutionize how they work effectively to achieve maximum performance and results. Atiim invented a 3-in-1 unified and integrated Strategy/Execution/Performance Management with a powerful OKR (Objectives and Key Results) goal-setting and goals-management platform. To address today’s challenges that organizations of all sizes face with setting clear strategy and objectives, aligning teams, and improving performance and results, Atiim is pioneering a new level for how world’s best companies drive stellar results. Atiim’s breakthrough SaaS solution enables great companies to maximize performance and business results. Learn more about Atiim Software at

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