KPI Examples

What are KPIs?

This acronym stands for Key Performance Indicators that are the key metrics you identify to measure and keep track of your company performance and success towards a goal. As you move forward you observe what is happening, monitor your statistics, make some analytics and then see what you can adjust in your business and strategy to improve performance and meet your goals.

That is why identifying KPIs correctly and continuously monitor them is very important especially if certain KPIs are very closely tied to your entire business.

Exactly an example of that is revenue, because it is a very key performance indicator that is always tied to your business, so that is just one example. In business, there is a lot more than one KPI that you should be looking at. Your revenue is like your fuel gauge, so that is the first thing you should monitor, but there are many other KPIs you should be looking at.

So here is a list of Key Performance Indicators examples. Each company will use the different set of KPIs to measure success depending on its business goals and targets.

Well, this means that KPIs you will use depends on your strategy, company goals, and are relevant to your industry, department or team.

While KPIs evaluate the success and there is no one size fits all, we offer the examples focused more on senior roles and give you the idea what KPIs are. For more detailed examples, please reach out to us and we can help you.

You might be interested in the next big thing that is even more effective than KPIs Objectives and Key Results or OKRs. To learn more, check the OKR goals examples here.

Company Performance KPI Examples

Top-company KPI Examples

  • Achieve cash flow of $200 thousand per month
  • Reduce sales funnel drop-off rate to 10%
  • Grow the number of Sales qualified leads (SQL) by 10%

Marketing KPI Examples

  • Demand Generation KPIs
  • KPI: Reduce unsubscribe rate to 2%
  • KPI: Maintain a 3% email conversion rate
  • KPI: Increase a mail list to 10 thousand subscribers

Customer Retention KPI Examples

  • KPI: Keep Customer Retention Rate (CRR) above 95%
  • KPI: Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) to 8
  • KPI: Maintain First Call Resolution (FCR) above 85%

Public Relations KPI Examples

  • KPI: Gain 5 positive media articles per month
  • KPI: Hold 4 customer events per year with a 7/10 satisfaction rating
  • KPI: Contact 5 influencers per month

Online Marketing KPI Examples

  • KPI: Grow CTR of AdWords Campaigns by 2%
  • KPI: Achieve 10% conversion rate on landing pages
  • KPI: Decrease a Cost per Lead to $20

Content Marketing KPI Examples

  • KPI: Grow the number of posts published to 3 per week
  • KPI: Increase the average number of comments per post to 10
  • KPI: Maintain social shares per post above 15

Product Marketing KPI Examples

  • KPI: Keep marketing campaigns cycle time under 1 month
  • KPI: Grow the customer base by 10%
  • KPI: Decrease churn by 5%

Partner Marketing KPI Examples

  • Compose the list of events to take part: trade-shows, lunch-and- learns, roundtables, etc.
  • Create 5 partner-featured video case studies and publish on YouTube
  • Take part in 20 events
  • Sales KPI Examples

Company-wide sales KPIs

  • Increase annual revenue to $12 M
  • Meet quarterly sales target of $3 M
  • Win 60 new customers per month

Sales Group KPI Examples

  • Hit quota of $1M
  • Maintain lead response time < 1 hour
  • Keep Opportunity-to- Win Ratio above 25%

Sales Manager KPI Examples

  • Hit quota of $500 thousand
  • Contact 80 leads per month
  • Make 3 attempts per lead
  • Do 30 conversations per month
  • Schedule 10 appointments per month
  • Close 2 deals per month

Human Resources KPI Examples

  • Keep employee satisfaction index above 8
  • Run 10 employee satisfaction surveys
  • Ensure 80% of vacation days used

Engineering KPI Examples

  • VP of Engineering KPIs
  • Aim for +/- 10% consistency of the team's estimates from sprint to sprint.
  • Keep actual stories completed of 80% from committed stories.
  • Maintain the team happiness index above 8

QA Engineer KPI Examples

  • Keep % of rejected bags below 10%
  • Reduce escaped bags by 5%
  • Reduce time to test to 1 day.

Software Engineer KPI Examples

  • Aim for +/- 10% consistency of estimates from sprint to sprint.
  • Decrease from "In Progress" to "Done" cycle time by 5%
  • Ensure 80% commit to done ratio.

Product Management KPI Examples

  • Increase monthly unique users by 5%
  • Increase conversion rate to customer by 5%
  • Maintain annual contract value (ACV) on the current level

Customer Success KPI Examples

  • Reduce onboarding period to 5 days
  • Reduce the number of support tickets during onboarding by 20%
  • Increase referral rate by 10%

Customer Support KPI Examples

  • Reduce first response time to 15 minutes
  • Ensure average response time less than 1 hour
  • Improve CSAT by 10%

Finance KPI Examples

  • Maintain current ratio (current assets/current liabilities) between 1.5 and 3.
  • Improve account receivable aging to 31-60 days only.
  • Reduce expense incurred by the Finance Department by 10%.

Operations KPI Examples

  • Reduce failure rate by 50%
  • Accelerate time to deployment to less than one hour
  • Achieve 2-time faster time to recovery