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How Atiim 1-on-1 Pulse Works

report1. Employee Writes a Status Report – 10 minutes

Employees take about 10 minutes per week to report on current progress towards goals, share their bottlenecks and challenges that inhibit progress, and express new insights and ideas that make your company more successful.

Having clear goals and success metrics in front of everyone at all times helps aligning the team and provides clarity, vital for high performance and team morale. Saving a big part of the time spent on weekly meetings, employees can concentrate on actual work.


2. Manager Reviews – 5 Minutes

Manager takes 5 minutes to evaluate the responses, appreciate and provide feedback where needed.

A single easy-to-use web interface allows doing it quickly and from any device, saving a lot of time in comparison to individual meetings, and still allows being directly engaged with each team member.


3. Team Aligns & Improves Performance

The manager knows all individual concerns, bottlenecks and achievements. There is also a 100% anonymous job satisfaction graph, which informs about current team morale and it’s weekly dynamic.

He knows exactly which problems to address, which achievements should be commended and in general – how to win as a team.