Our 10 Core Values:


Solve for the Customer

Our customers are our priority. We solve for our customers first and then calculate backwards for everything else. Our aim is to exceed customer expectations not just in words but in our action.


Our Team is Our Competitive Advantage

We are building an “Atiim Dream Team” which is a group of exceptional people who help each other be the best version of themselves. We believe that our team is a our true competitive advantage.


A Passion to Win Big

We work hard to get things done, and for every one of us, the greatest passion lies in becoming the best at what we do – both individually and as a company.


Do The Right Thing

Here we do everything with uncompromising integrity and we use common sense and good judgment – our very simple rule is this: never do anything that may somehow hurt our company, our people or our customers.


Run Fast, Take Smart Risks

At Atiim, we like innovation and risk takers (i.e. those who take intelligent risks). Our goal is to build the most innovative and breakthrough technology in our space. We are OK with mistakes and we prefer to fail frequently than never try at all.


Ownership Mentality

Everyone here acts and thinks like an owner of the company (because we all are and we all have equity in the business). We are not just employees, we are owners.


Continuous Improvement

In today’s business world, being able to learn and improve quickly is critical – we encourage learning new ideas and concepts so that we can use that knowledge to improve and make our customers even more successful.


Ben Open & Transparent

Atiim’s products create transparency in the workplace, so we feel that it is doubly important for us to live by the principles of openness and transparency.


Have Fun and Be Positive

Building a great company is not simple so we want to have fun while doing it. Fun translates into a friendly work environment and that’s why we like people who are positive, optimistic, selfless, friendly, and fun to be around.


Make a Positive Contribution

We believe in not only doing well but also in doing good. Thus we try to make a positive contribution to the community around us. We support a few nonprofit organizations and volunteer our time as a group a few times times a year too.


What “One of Us” Means:


Good People Who Put the Team before the Me

If you are “good people” and care about others then you fit in. Our core value and culture is all about putting the Team’s interests ahead of our own (Team before Me!) And we don’t hire selfish people or assholes – no matter how good they are.


High EQ and IQ

We like smart people and hold intelligence in high regard. However, we recognize that EQ trumps IQ and is far more important to our team than high IQ alone.


Relentless Desire to Win

Motivational self-starters exceed here – they are presented with the opportunities to get things done. Your work must exhibit our core values in an impassioned, honest, and ethical manner, and you must also strive for competition in a way that’s healthy and nondestructive.


Seeking “healthy perfectionism”

We feel that high standards beget stellar results.


Run Fast and Break Things

We like to run fast and break things (just not irrevocably and not at the expense of our customer happiness) but in a way that embraces experimetation and in the spirit of “Done is better than perfect!” – we like people who are agile, and get things done quickly.


Creates change and disruption with fresh new ideas

You must enjoy transmuting the old into something better and welcome these shifts by bringing in new ideas and insights.

Has fun and keeping a good sense of humor

We like people who have a sense of humor, don’t take themselves way too seriously and can have fun!


Good judgment and common sense

Common sense and sound judgment are two of the greatest tools that you can use to succeed here. And, per common sense and per the first point, we are people who apply the common sense to put the “Team” before the “Me”.


Fearlessness & Vulnerability

Here, you will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and chase new challenges. We are the kinds of folks who will press on no matter what. And what fearless means at Atiim is that you just keep going despite fear. We are also “vulnerable” – we are not afraid to admit our mistakes and our faults – this is critical for our internal trust.


Genuine Positivity

Last but not least, Atiim team is all positive people who support each other and know that we will win. It’s an authentic characteristic and is about believing that everything has a way of working out and that we will win.

Giving Back

Giving back is part of our culture. We’re actively involved with several non-profit organizations, such as TUGG, Build, St.Baldricks and Pledge 1%. We organize volunteer trips each year and provide non-profits with our products. Our commitment to giving back enhances our working lives by keeping us engaged with the world around us and by providing opportunities for us to contribute towards it. We believe that together we make a difference.


Hack Week for Engineers (and Everyone Else Too)

Every quarter, we invite you to partake in our hackathon during which you and the rest of our team will brainstorm to formulate the best, most innovative ideas. We encourage innovation time and will foster your idea-building processes to our best abilities.

If this sounds like an environment you’d like to work in, email us and become one of us!