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Life is Short

A Technology Company Solving a Worthy and Real Problem

We believe in the ability of our technology to change the world. We are building an innovative and groundbreaking SaaS product that solves a real problem, designed with a beautiful UI to ensure a great UX. It is easy to use. Anywhere. On any device.

Our Culture

Here at Atiim, we understand the importance of working in an inviting, positive environment. We know that by creating a welcoming, exciting ambiance, we’ll all be more inclined to contribute our best efforts and ideas, since our flexible office atmosphere allows us to feel energized and open to new experiences.

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What *One Of Us* Means

Interested in seeing if you are a great fit for our team? Please read what it means to be One of Us!

Our Work Environment

We want to create a great place to work where our people love to be, work together on solving interesting and unique problems and where they can help each other do their best because they really want to.

Why Work Here

  • A great company culture
  • Amazing people who will inspire you and be a real team to you
  • Unlimited opportunities for your career and growth
  • Exposure to really cool projects
  • Positive Impact and Making a Difference
  • Engineers – 100% of your code gets shipped on day 1

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We like working with awesome people who are smart, have a sense of humor, are reliable, have a passion, and play to win.

Unternship (Summer and Winter)

An “Unternship” is a unique “better-than-internship” opportunity that we give you here at Atiim. An Untern is invited to come in, write up their own job description, tell us what they want to work on for 4+ weeks and then break free from the boring world of internships to do what you desire, learn a ton more of hands-on skills than you would anywhere else, and all while having a vast amount of exposure to cool projects while having a blast at un-work.

Unterns are recent graduates or college students working in the summer or winter. We’re looking for the next generation of talent and we want to help give a boost to your career. After you are done, if you don’t consider Atiim as your dream job then we will commit to introduce you to anyone you want to meet in our network to help you get the job you want.

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