Why Clients Prefer OKR Management Software

Television commercials, YouTube videos, TED Talks, even everyday conversation today seems to be filled with references to “What Matters Most.” The phrase works for any number of applications. We think this focus on What Matters originated with John Doerr’s 2018 NY Times bestseller, “Measure What Matters.” Ask a layperson about this preoccupation with What Matters and it’s likely they have no clue that it relates back to Doerr’s book about OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

Ask any knowledgeable business executive about the OKR goal-setting methodology, and they will articulate that the protocol is known for aligning everyone in the organization to the company’s most important priorities. OKRs have gained massive interest in the past few years.

Many companies, enticed by the promise of improved execution, have attempted to execute OKRs through a spreadsheet or Excel template, coupled with email or shared documents. Most of these companies come to realize that scaling the protocol in this way is nearly impossible. In this article, we’ll review some enlightening comments by executives from companies that have converted to a dedicated, cloud-based OKR management software platform.

Why a Dedicated OKR Management Software is Preferred

Unlike spreadsheets, best-in-class OKR Management Software brings the entire OKR lifecycle into one system, allowing you to navigate a digital dashboard to:

  • Set and manage measurable objectives
  • Align your teams to top corporate priorities
  • Regularly monitor and measure progress
  • Use analytics/reports to accelerate results

Let’s Hear from Current OKR Management Software Users

Rather than a review of the many benefits of OKR Management Software let’s hear from several executives of high-performing companies currently using a cloud-based platform.

Stuart Long, Chief Executive Officer, Infobionic – “The transparency of OKR Management Software has been essential to uniting the team and focusing everyone on what really matters.”

Here’s another play on those keywords, “what really matters.” Perhaps even more enlightening are the other phrases in Stuart’s comment:

  • Transparency – the best OKR management platforms feature things such as Goal Alignment Charts to view goal hierarchy. These charts have the added benefit of making goals visible to everyone, both vertically and horizontally so that teams may identify cross-dependencies and areas for collaboration.
  • Uniting the Team – said differently the platform ensures everyone is aligned, and
  • Focus – combined this reference encompasses two Doerr’s Four Superpowers of OKRs; “Focus and Commit to Priorities, and Align and Connect for Teamwork”

Alex P. Bartholomaus, President & CEO, People Stretch Solutions – “The software platform has made it easier to manage the OKR process. Everybody is clear on where we are going and enjoys working together to get there!”

How does state of the art OKR Management Software make it easier to manage the process? One way is automated prompts to encourage employees to complete performance Check-Ins on a regular schedule. The best systems also provide OKR administrators Engagement Reports to pinpoint any compliance issues.

Niles Rowland, Director, Product Management, The Media Trust – “Our organization is now very focused on top objectives and in agreement as to what success looks like!” Focused and in agreement. When you consider the sad state of employee engagement in business today, getting the entire organization focused and in agreement on success is a big deal.

Employee engagement studies indicate that less than one-third of employees today are enthusiastic about their work and workplace. Even more concerning, most workers have no concept of how their role and responsibilities link to the enterprise’s objectives.

OKR Management Software has enabled Media Trust to broadly state their vision of success to the entire organization, flipping the switch on engagement and commitment.

This article doesn’t come close to a comprehensive review of all the benefits accruing to companies using OKR Management Software. We simply wanted to highlight some of those game-changing concepts that propel organizations in the desired direction, those benefits that Matter Most.

Do you manage a company or teams (either as a CEO, a senior executive, or middle manager)? Do you set and track objectives? Does aligning employee performance to business goals matter, and are you responsible for driving results? If so, please check out a live demo of Atiim OKR & Goals Management Software and we’d love to hear what you think about it. Thank you!

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