Top Business Quotes by Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker, known as “Father of Management” was a world-renowned management thought leader and business strategist who contributed significantly to the foundation of managing a modern business corporation. He wrote a regular column in the Wall Street Journal and contributed frequently to the Harvard Business Review and The Economist.

Peter Drucker invented the concept of “Management by Objectives” or MBO which is also known as “Management by Results”.  As we’ve discussed in other articles, Management by Objectives is the process of defining specific objectives at the organization to communicate priorities and ensure that there is a laser focus on the most important outcomes (i.e. results) that matter and which move the needle for the organization. As many of you know, Andy Grove used MBOs and made them popular at intel calling them “Intel MBOs” (and wrote about them in High Output Management) and which are now referred to as OKRs. So the very original credit for OKRs goes to Peter Drucker.

It was Peter Drucker who said that a company’s primary responsibility is to “serve its customers”. He also said that starting and building great companies is one of humankind’s noblest inventions. We agree and we are big fans of Peter Drucker here which is why we gathered a couple of great and thoughtful quotes about business by the “Father of Management” Peter Drucker

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.


The best way to predict the future is to create it.


Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.


Objectives are not fate; they are direction. They are not commands; they are commitments. They do not determine the future; they are means to mobilize the resources and energies of the business for the making of the future.


The successful person places more attention on doing the right thing rather than doing things right.



p.s. As we mentioned above, it’s only fair that the original credit for OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) should actually be directly attributed to Peter Drucker because OKRs are an evolution of Management by Objectives (or “MBOs”) that were introduced by Peter the 1950s. They were then made popular by Andy Grove as “Intel MBOs” and recently popularized even more so by the famous Google OKR video.

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