OKR software for your business: what draw an attention when choosing

Customize your Business OKR Software implementation to fit your culture

Software adaptable to your vision of OKRs

OKRs are a powerful methodology to ensure the entire organization is focused and aligned on your top corporate priorities. We provide an elegant software suite adaptable to your vision of OKR execution, from senior management to teams, to the individual. Beyond our customizable framework, Atiim’s Account Executives can guide you from initial testing to enterprise-wide execution.

Ensure alignment to your strategic pillars and corporate values

Atiim’s simple, intuitive platform will guide you from Strategy and Corporate Values to setting intelligent, quarterly OKRs. Our dashboards will help you align objectives from the individual to the C-suite and monitor performance towards those objectives week to week, at a glance.

Better decisions through better data analytics

Through ongoing visibility and sophisticated data analytics, your teams will be better aligned and more agile. Decisions and course correction are faster and fact-based. Cross-functional collaboration improves. Teams and individuals are more engaged and focused on your company’s most important work.

Optimizing people output

It’s the people side of the business where our software enables your continuous performance improvement strategy. Atiim software facilitates customizable conversations, real-time feedback, provides a lightweight touch for performance discussions, and consolidates data for performance reviews. There is 360-degree visibility so that teams and individuals can celebrate wins, and you can recognize your top performers.

A simple to use, adaptable and scalable Business OKR software platform

As more companies are adopting the OKRs methodology and protocols the way they are implemented continues to evolve. Cascading, cadence, cross-functional goal setting, collaboration, are all examples of variables in how companies might execute OKRs differently. Atiim understands this and has designed the most refined software platform, simple to use, yet elegant, malleable to your situation, and scalable as you grow your business.


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