Integrating Your Company’s Core Values into 360 Feedback

To ensure teams are connecting with your company’s core values, managers must effectively incorporate them into performance management processes. Continuous performance management tactics like OKR goals and 360 feedback can have aspects of your company values built into them. Here’s how.

Use Ongoing Performance Management

Outdated annual reviews are inefficient for connecting teams to company values because they are too infrequent. It is insufficient for managers to only communicate with their teams about what’s most important to the organization once per year. Instead, managers should use ongoing feedback and weekly 1-on-1s to connect with teams regularly.

These brief weekly meetings will enhance performance and culture by showing teams that managers are there to coach them towards improvement.

Core values should be an integral part of 1-1s when managers are providing guidance and support to help teams meet their objectives.

Clarify Company Values

To uphold company values, team members must first have a thorough understanding of them. Make sure managers are articulating core values clearly. Then, when they discuss performance during check-ins, they can highlight key behaviors and successes that support those values. Identify the expected behaviors and outcomes that exemplify each core value.

Create an Ongoing Feedback Loop

Use ongoing feedback to ensure all teams are clear on which behaviors support company values. Your interpretation of values-based behaviors may differ from those at the team or individual level, but establishing feedback loops at all levels of the organization ensure everyone is aligning with the top company values and objectives.

Link Performance to Core Values

Implement data-driven performance management to monitor progress on objectives. Use insights on performance to provide feedback for teams based on their alignment with core values and progress on objectives. Be sure to give praise regularly and celebrate wins that support company values.

What else? What are some ways you ensure your teams understand and support your company’s core values?

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