How to Cultivate a Culture of Achievement, From “Measure What Matters” by John Doerr

Chapter 19 of John Doerr’s “Measure What Matters” opens with one of my favorite quotes, “Culture, as the saying goes, eats strategy for breakfast.” It’s what makes meaning of work.

With the new way we work, and today’s workforce, culture is more crucial than ever. People are basing their employment decisions on more than title and compensation, and, culture is playing a major role.

Through OKRs and CFRs you can change the very culture of your business!

Key Components of Corporate Culture

  • Alignment
  • Engagement
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Recognition
  • Respect

OKRs are ideal for creating alignment, engagement, and teamwork. CFRs help to ensure the message is delivered and performance is recognized. Combined they create an ideal framework for goal setting and high performance. A new concept in the CFR realm is introduced in this chapter of the book, pulsing. Pulsing provides real-time feedback through a series of questions posed to the company’s staff to provide a snapshot of the workplace “culture”. The best software executions of OKRs and CFRs will include a “pulsing” feature.

Conversations, which include bi-directional feedback, and recognition become vital aspects of a company’s culture. To quote Jeff Bezos of Amazon, “You need a culture that high five’s small and innovative ideas.”

Through 360° visibility of OKRs, cross functional teams can recognize achievements not only within their team but also contributions from other teams and individuals, important peer to peer recognition.

Sincere recognition is proven to improve employee engagement and retention. Praise often, praise publicly and create a culture that recognizes and rewards achievement.

Do you manage a company or teams (either as a CEO, a senior executive, a middle manager or even a front-line manager)? Do you set and track objectives? Does aligning employee performance to business goals matter, and are you responsible for driving results? If so, please check out a live demo of Atiim OKR & Goals Management Software and we’d love to hear what you think about it. Thank you!

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