Atiim OKR software review – Case: Study The Lead Group

About the Lead Group

The Lead Group is a premier online marketing company specializing in Data & List Management, Search Marketing and Affiliate Marketing focused on the short-term cash loan vertical. Their proprietary search optimization software makes Search Engine Marketing (SEM) a less expensive, more streamlined, and more viable option to produce the best quality leads for clients. A proprietary email delivery platform ensures that emails attain unrivaled deliverability rates and high consumer response. Through end-to-end campaign management coupled with innovative technology, The Lead Group has consistently driven a high rate of return for its partners. As a founding member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA), The Lead Group has been a trusted leader in industry compliance standards since 2007.

We used to constantly get requests from our employees for feedback and transparency. We’ve been able to provide an answer to those challenges using Atiim.

Business Challenge

The Lead Group was searching for a solution to effectively manage goals and objectives as well as productivity. The once-per-year approach to goal setting wasn’t working – they needed a more agile approach, and more transparency into the process.

The typical goal-setting process was based on getting a series of 30 or more goals from the CEO across four product lines/divisions. The company found they were wasting a lot of time. While they were successful at completing many activities, sometimes the very next month certain goals weren’t even on the radar any longer. And all of the tracking was being done manually. Traditional goal management just wasn’t working.

After discovering the power of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), The Lead Group knew they had identified a methodology that would solve their problem. Now the issue was this: how could they track their OKRs and provide visibility and transparency?

How Atiim helped

The Lead Group selected the Atiim OKR Software solution to address their challenges.

The pulse report/weekly check in provides real-time feedback to allow for course correction.

The company reviews goals progress based on information logged in Atiim as monthly goals. They can easily do a monthly check-in to enable individuals to speak to progress toward their responsibilities and managers can comment on achievements. This enables real-time performance management as well as aligning goals at the product, team, and employee level.

Reporting is simple: managers can “push a button” to get the data they need related to their goals. Same is true for higher-level reporting needs, such as the quarterly board report, as well as the deep dive information to facilitate a discussion between a specific manager and individual employee

Results and Metrics

  • The Lead Group successfully launched a companywide goals and objectives initiative to drive focus, transparency, communication and accountability.
  • Smooth transition from MBOs to OKRs.
  • Developed a Pulse Report to engage employee satisfaction. Employees rate overall satisfaction week over week enabling management to act quickly when employee satisfaction dips below the target range.