Atiim OKR software review – Case Study: GoSpotCheck

About GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck has created a simple, uniform way to collect, structure, and share field intelligence. Clients can streamline field team’s surveys, audits and reports with a mobile app, and help make better decisions. GoSpotCheck’s web and mobile apps automate the structuring and reporting of field data, enabling companies to make better decisions faster. The GoSpotCheck solution lets clients say goodbye to inconsistent spreadsheets, emails, and documents from their field teams and say hello to unified reporting. Ranked #1, Denver’s Best Places to Work, 2016.

Since we started using a robust, modern goals management process leveraging Atiim, we’ve continued to improve our track record of execution resulting in doubling revenue, raising Series B funding, and growing our employer brand.

Business Challenge

Although a rapidly-growing technology company, goals at GoSpotCheck typically were cascaded from the senior management team by a process of simply announcing the goals and assigning responsibility. Sometimes goals could be prescriptive, other times very vague; some goals were “big boulders” and others “small stones”, but they all ran downhill. The company struggled to measure against goals because it was a manual process using Excel and Word documents, and was not distributed. The management team was blind to progress toward goal achievement until the end of the quarter. Better visibility was sorely needed. As a provider of Execution Management Software, GoSpotCheck wanted to ensure they were instilling a culture of execution internally even while growing at a rapid pace. They decided to adopt a modern goals management methodology, and started looking for a system to track, manage, and roll out their goals.

How Atiim helped

The Atiim OKR Software platform created visibility and transparency to the company goals through the dashboards and weekly check-in process. It also created more collaboration, and bottoms-up ideation as opposed to goals always being top-down. The company is now able to make decisions that are achievement-based. The visibility provided was a huge improvement, and even made the team revisit the process for developing their goals. This has positively affected employee engagement because employees feel more involved in the high level strategic goals. Atiim’s charting and reporting functionality has provided the ability to dig in and see if a project or objective is on-track or off-track; or if perhaps it was poorly managed.

Results and Metrics

  • GoSpotCheck continues to double revenue growth, year on year. Successfully raised series B funding based on a proven track record of execution.
  • The company has won recognition as a top employment brand, including being named #1 on Denver’s Best Places to Work list.
  • GoSpotCheck has grown to over 100 employees, and plans to double their current employee count over the next 2 years. They have been able to advance a culture of execution while growing the team.
  • A new performance management process will leverage the information in Atiim to have a more dynamic and continuous performance process. With a largely millennial workforce, this transparent and dynamic performance processis aligned with the company culture.