About Atiim

Atiim is an OKR software for setting, tracking, and managing goals for high-performance teams & organizations.

In 2015 Atiim invented the industry-first 2-in-1 unified and integrated “OKR Goals Management + Continuous Performance Management” software that combines two products into one single SaaS platform. The goals platform developed by Atiim is rooted in Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and it helps high-performance companies and teams set clear OKR goals, improve internal alignment, focus on what truly matters, and ultimately achieve better results.

The Atiim OKR tool helps you build a more aligned and high-performing organization with the following:

  • Enterprise OKR Goals Management – keep your workforce aligned and focused on the objectives that truly matter by creating, tracking, managing and analyzing objectives across the entire organization and aligning employees to the top organizational goals
  • Continuous Performance Management – helps you continuously improve your employee’s performance and maximize business results by streamlining the ongoing, 2-way, closed-loop feedback and performance check-in process with meaningful conversations that enable companies to link employee performance to the business results
  • Analytics and Advanced Custom Reporting – provides visibility into KPIs and performance data across the company

Atiim’s Mission

Our mission is to help companies achieve better organizational alignment, performance and business results.

We do this by helping maximize each company’s business results through more effective execution of goals in a way that is more clear, focused, engaging and meaningful. Because the performance of each organization is directly tied to the performance of its people, we empower your people to perform effectively which in turn makes your organization more successful.

About Our Name – Atiim (i.e. A-Team!)

We are all about fundamentally changing the way businesses drive real business results by optimizing your people’s performance. In other words, we help you transform your team into an “A-Team” or a team of all A-Players achieving A-grade results. And what about the “ii”? That stands for “including individuals” – your A-Team includes individuals who are better and more effective at business execution and at achieving stellar results.

Our Why

Our “Why” at Atiim, or the reason we are passionate about our company, is that we love helping organizations work more effectively.

We are building a unique product and technology which enable companies to be more aligned with their people and this in turns helps them achieve better results. Some of our customers told us “Atiim is game changing” and nothing excites us more than knowing that we make our customers more successful.

When employees are clear about their company’s top objectives and then understand how their own objectives are connected to the top, people are more engaged and achieve better performance and results. In this way, Atiim wishes to positively influence millions of companies and their people globally.

We are Passionate Entrepreneurs

Also, we are entrepreneurs who care deeply about our “WHY” and we want to build a long-term, sustainable business rather than merely a company that will be acquired quickly. We are spending a lot of our time talking with our customers to refine the product and our vision so that in the long term we have the best product that exceeds our customers’ expectations and makes them more successful.

The Disruption: Enterprise Goals and Ongoing Performance Management

Today, rapidly growing companies are seeking to increase the performance of their teams. However, it continues to be a significant challenge to implement processes and systems to effectively manage human capital. In addition, several trends are exacerbating the problem including an increase in distributed and remote workforce, more employee mobility, demographic shifts, and constantly changing business requirements – these are are all making it even more difficult for companies to manage and improve the performance of their people effectively. And yet the performance of your company is directly linked to the performance of your people.


Given these increasing challenges, organizations must take a more strategic approach and adopt modern and more effective processes and systems to optimize the performance of their teams and ultimately drive better business results.

In particular, companies need a modern, ongoing performance management platform to:

  • Align employees’ performance goals with the top organizational goals
  • Track and measure goal-attainment and progress throughout the company
  • Manage employees’ performance in an ongoing, 2-way, closed-loop system

Most companies have not yet implemented systematic technology to realize the benefits of a modern, ongoing performance management process. Some companies have implement legacy performance management systems mixed with paper-based processes or third-party HR management software (which are purpose built for managing payroll, employee benefits or simple goals primarily for compliance, not alignment). These approaches have significant shortcomings, including an inability to achieve operating (non-HR) employee’s engagement or participation in using such products for more effective performance management.

We are leading the emerging industry disruption of the outdated once-a-year performance management process and our solution includes a more modern approach to solving these ever-growing challenges.

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Our Culture

Here at Atiim, we understand the importance of working in an inviting, positive environment. We know that by creating a great working environment, everyone can be the best version of themselves and we’ll all be more empowered to give our best efforts and ideas to make our customers successful.

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VP of Sales

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Senior Software Engineer

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QA Manager

Board of Directors

Zorian Rotenberg, Founder & CEO

Zorian Rotenberg

Founder & CEO

Doug Derwin, Triage Ventures

Doug Derwin

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Our Investors

Accomplice Ventures
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Beast Ventures
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Triage Ventures


Kipp Bodnar

Kipp Bodnar,

CMO @ Hubspot

Kipp Bodnar is Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot, a leading inbound marketing and sales platform. Over 15,000 customers in over 90 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning software, services, and support to create an inbound experience that will attract, engage, and delight customers. As CMO, Kipp sets HubSpot’s inbound marketing strategy to drive awareness and demand for inbound marketing globally. Prior to his role as CMO, Kipp served as Vice President, Marketing, for the company, overseeing all demand generation activity worldwide, hiring and building out the EMEA and APAC marketing teams, building out an award-winning content team, and managing HubSpot’s field marketing, localization, strategic partnerships, and social media efforts.

Fred Shilmover

Fred Shilmover,

CEO @ InsightSquared

Fred Shilmover is the CEO and co-founder of business analytics provider InsightSquared. Prior to InsightSquared, Shilmover headed global IT and was an associate at Bessemer Venture Partners. His background includes an SMB consultancy he founded as well as corporate development work at Salesforce.com. Shilmover has a BA from Tufts and an MBA from Harvard Business School. In his off time he is an avid wakeboarder.

Joe Caprio

Joe Caprio,

VP of Sales @ Chorus.AI

Joe Caprio is a VP of Sales at Chrous.AI and a former VP of Inside Sales at InsightSquared. Joe has a BA from Bentley University.

Matthew Littlefield

Matthew Littlefield,

Managing Director @ UBS

Matt is a Managing Director in investment management at UBS and is an investor in multiple successful SaaS startups. Prior to UBS, Matt was a Senior Director at Barclays/Lehman Brothers for 10 years. Before Lehman, Matt was at BNY Mellon. He earned a B.S. from the University of MA, Amherst where he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Honors College.

Pam Boiros

Pam Boiros,

SaaS Executive

Pam is a senior executive and a former VP of Global Corporate Marketing at Skillsoft. She is the principal of Bridge Advisors and works with leading software companies in HR tech on growth strategy. Pam has a BS in Business Administration from Northeastern University and an MBA from Babson College.

Ben Lamorte

Ben Lamorte,

OKR Expert & Book Author

Ben Lamorte, founder of OKRs.com, is an internationally recognized OKRs coach. He has consulted with organizations around the world, including eBay, CareerBuilder, Zalando, Sears Holding, and Booking.com. He recently co-authored Objectives and Key Results: Driving Focus, Alignment, and Engagement with OKRs and holds a graduate degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University.

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