Set and Track Your Company's OKR
Goals & Accelerate Your Results

Use Atiim's Pulse OKR ™ to create alignment, accelerate execution and boost results. Outperform your industry benchmarks by 450%!

Your company's performance is directly linked to the performance of your teams. Top companies have an effective goal-setting process.

Increase team effectivenessAchieve High Performance

Accelerate performance by focusing everyone on the top priorities.

Save TimeAlign Everyone

Align your team objectives to your company’s top goals.

Reduce Employee TurnoverMaximize Results

Maximize results by focusing on what moves the needle.

Improve ManagementIdentify Bottlenecks & Risks

Be proactive, not reactive. Intercept risks and address them early.

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What Our Customers Say:

“Atiim helps me track everyone’s progress towards goals regularly and identify problems early. We are now much more productive using OKR goals as a team and I am personally more effective as a manager.”

– Anton Suprun, CTO


“Atiim makes me more effective as a CEO. We have over 80 employees and I can now clearly see everyone’s progress or where they are stuck plus whether everyone is on track to hitting their goals.”

– Norman Siddiq, CEO

“Atiim really improved my visibility into what’s going on with everyone in my organization and it really increased our alignment, effectiveness and results. It is also improving our high-performance company culture!”

– Brian Helwig, COO

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